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  Opera Artistes' Studio
Hokkien KongHuay Xiang Ju Opera Troupe (Amateur)
Voon Ngon Hua


    (As the Princess' governess in 'The Wilful
    Voon started off as a backstage helper when she
    joined the troupe initially.She played several roles
    later to gain stage experience. The role of Bai
    Liwen, a physician, took her painful effort to get
    it onstage.Not a hokkien herself, the language was
    a barrier. Nevertheless, she went on practicing.
    She finally brought the role to Victoria Theatre
    in 1991. From a Lao Sheng, she stretched her
    role to Lao Dan. 
    Most of the troupe's props were created by Voon.
    She would stay back late to do all the hammering
    and mending.